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meditationDeeksha - Oneness Blessing
Monday at 7:15pm

Love offering / Donation

What is Deeksha Oneness ?

Deeksha Oneness Blessing is an energy transfer that creates a shift in the brain, leading to the awakening of consciousness. It provides an experience of Grace designed for each individual's highest good.  Deeksha Oneness is not a religion or belief system, but an experience of energy that is compatible with all paths and spiritual traditions.  Its benefits are cumulative and may manifest immediately or gradually, depending on the individual. We invite you to experience the joy of the Blessing of Oneness.

Imagine living a whole new way of life... a life where you are free to be who you really are.  You no longer rule your
life according to what other people think about you.

Imagine living your life without Judging yourself or anyone else, without fear of being Judged. You accept yourself
just the way you are and you accept everyone else just the way they are.  Imagine living a life where you are free of
conflict with yourself and others. You respect yourself and everyone else and they respect you in return.

Imagine living a life where you are not afraid to express yourself or take risks to explore life. You live without fear,
without guilt, without shame, without regret.  Imagine loving yourself just the way you are.  Loving your body just the way it is. Loving your emotions just the way they are. Imagine that just by being yourself, you are happy and truly
enjoy life.

Imagine living with that kind of personal freedom! This way of life is entirely possible.  Others have done it and so
can you.  We invite you to experience Deeksha and Awaken to Oneness.


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