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Find out what color your AURA is.

Are your Chakras Balanced?

Get a Detailed (1 1/2 - 2hr) Live

    Intuitive Reading describing what

    is throwing the chakras out of

    Balance. (It could be something that

    happened today, 2 weeks ago or years ago, that hasn't been resolved within you yet.)

A Brief (1/2 hr) Reading will tell you if the Chakras are in Balance or not.

Aura glow

Get a 6 page printed report.

What is your Yin / Yang -  Male / Female balance?

Find out a method to help keep your chakras in balance.

A Detailed reading will usually include a visit from a Spirit Guide, Earth spirit or Angel. Information

of your connection to that Being. Many times Past Life information will be given.

There are many more aspects to the 6 page report that you recieve with your reading.

Aura Camera Options:

Aura Camera Picture - without any explanations - $6

The Aura Camera 6 page report and the 1/2hr Brief Intuitive Chakra Reading and Balancing for $35.

The Aura Camera 6 page report and the 1 1/2 - 2hr Detailed Intuitive Chakra Reading and Balancing for $60.

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